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AGM 2014







President Jim Pollock opened the meeting by welcoming all who had taken the time to attend and then asked for a minutes silence to be observed in memory of all Association members who had passed away during the last year, particularly past president Jim Gibb.




Apologies were received on behalf of Hon. Presidents J. Bell, S. Blaikie and j. McMaster. The following clubs also tendered their apologies: Spateston, Lady Alice and Wellington Park.




There were 41 clubs in attendance.




The minutes of the AGM held in 2013 were handed out and had been read. The minutes were adopted by C. Reddy Barrhead B.C. and seconded by Bill Brown Wellmeadow B.C.




S. Houston Ardgowan B.C. asked about the dress code of the players and who enforces this. President J. Pollock stated that the matter should be reported to the club hosting the game and to ever was in charge that day.




Season 2013 began as all others before it, with the Annual General Meeting, at which there were a couple of resignations which unfortunately set the course for the up coming season, as you will be no doubt aware that another couple of resignations followed. (Ian Easton and Kerr Livinstone).


However the season had to go on and the first bit of business that had to be taken care of and that was preparing the county teams for another tilt at the Andrew Hamilton Trophy. Due to a number of experienced players not being available

Due to various reasons there were a total of 19 changes made between both teams. As a result the emphasis was put on youth and a total of 8 players from the under 25 team were selected to play for the county teams. As is the norm with change the season was littered with different results, which resulted in both teams winning 3 games apiece.  Hopefully after this transition period 2014 will be a more successful year.


There is also our 3rd County team, the under 25’s who have been improving each year under the guidance of David Todd. Last years results were very close narrowly losing 2 and winning their final game. The under 25’s have increased there number of games by being invited into the Calder cup and this year running a one day Top Ten competition at the end of the year.


The Championships are the highlight of the season for a lot of people. May and June are busy months for the cream of our bowlers and it all culminates at the end of June in our Finals day.

The finals were held at Grosvenor bowling club in Greenock and 15 different clubs were represented in the finals. The Championship Singles Final brought together two excellent players in Gary Davis of Lochwinnoch and martin Bain of Croftfoot with Gary Davis running out a deserved winner in what was an excellent game played in a tremendous spirit.

Well done to all the clubs who played in the finals and also to all of the clubs who gave up their greens and supplied us with facilities, markers and Officials to umpire.


With regards to the County Cup there were a lot of problems this year which could be put down to the late draw and notification to the clubs, but running a competition of this size is not helped by clubs withdrawing the night before the competition is due to be played.


Shanks bowling club won the County Cup.


The Centenary Cup went to Ralston Bowling Club.


Anchor Bowling Club won the Inter County Cup.


The Top Ten Final was played at Giffnock Bowling Club between Anchor and Paisley Victoria, the game was tight up to the midway point when Anchor applied the pressure and ended up comfortable winners and will represent Renfrewshire in this years Inter – County Top Ten competition.


Unfortunately this year we have already lost Queens Park and Clarkston from the Association.




SINGLES (Sir Hugh Shaw Stewart Trophy) G. Davis Lochwinnoch

RUNNER-UP M. Bain Croftfoot


PAIRS (Daily Record Trophy) Cathcart

R/UP Anchor


TRIPLES (Dr. D. TurnerTrophy) Wellington Park



FOURS(Paisley & Renfrew Gaz Trophy)Cardonald

R/UP Elderslie Wallace


SENIOR FOURS (Mr. J. Millen Trophy) Lady Alice

R/UP Giffnock





County Cup (Sir Michael Stewart Trophy) Shanks


Highest UP 4 (Hall Salver)


Inter County Cup (DHL Young Trophy) Anchor


CENTENARY CUP (IBM Trophy) Ralston



TOP TEN (Mr & Mrs J. Bell Trophy) Anchor



SPON FOURS (R.Brown & W. Cope Trophy) Busby



Under 45’s (Mr A. Cann Trophy) Lady Alice




There were 3 Clubs in the Association celebrating special anniversaries;


Priorscroft 175 years

Cathcart 150 years

Cardonal  100 years


Adopted by  C. McLeod Woodlands B.C

Seconded by  B. Brown Wellmeadow B.C.




Vice President Hugh Balfour, who apologised for the late hand out of the balance sheets and hoped that everyone had time to look over them, gave this. Hugh explained that it had taken some time in completing the balance sheet due to the changes in the Management Committee and chasing up the paperwork.

Hugh then asked the meeting if there were any questions regarding the balance sheet. David Todd of Anchor questioned some discrepancies regarding the expenditure listed against the Under 25s. David Todd stated that the cost of the accommodation for the Aberdeen trip was £4,500 and not the £5,400 as listed.

Hugh stated that he did not have all the paperwork relating to this with him and would have to check the receipts.

Ian Brown (Gourock Park) suggested that Hugh Balfour and David Todd have a meeting to go over the Under 25s account and if need be a new balance sheet for the Under 25s is made up. Both parties agreed this.

Jim Glen  (Meikleriggs) explained that a lot of the expenditure could be cash transactions and that the general finances of the Association were well run.

There were no other questions regarding the balance sheet from the body of the hall.

The balance sheet was not proposed due to the balance sheet being amended.


Auditors Report


Colin Reddy of Barrhead BC  gave the report and stated that the transitional period of the auditing was not easy and stated that they can audit only what has been put forward.

Both himself and Jim Glen were quite happy with the report.


Annual Subscription Rates 2015


To remain the same as 2014.


Election of Office Berarers


Before demitting office, President Jim Pollock paid tribute to the many people who had helped him during his season and to his club Grosvenor BC for the tremendous support he had received. He also thanked everyone who had came onto the Committee  and in particular to the Past Presidents who had helped out and attended Committee meetings.


President: Hugh Balfour, Giffnock BC               Pro. J. Pollock Grosvenor BC

                                                                          Sec. Giffnock BC


Vice President: Raymond Hill Charleston BC    Pro. H. Balfour Giffnock BC

                                                                          Sec. Charleston BC


JunV. Pres:  I. Brown Gourock Park BC            Pro. H. Balfour Giffnock BC

                                                                          Sec. Gourock Park BC


Secretary / Treasurer:  A. Moran Elderslie        Pro: H. Balfour Giffnock BC

                                                                          Sec. Elderslie Wallace BC


Ass Secretary (Bowling) D.Perrit Elderslie        Pro. H. Balfour Giffnock BC

                                                                          Sec. Elderslie Wallace BC


Ass Secretary (Finance) A. Buchan Victoria      Pro. H. Balfour Giffnock BC

                                                                           Sec A. Moran  Elderslie BC


Election of Directors


P. Guthrie   Elderslie Wallace BC Standing Director

J. McElwee  Rankin Park BC Standing Director

D. Todd Anchor BC        Pro. H. Balfour Giffnock BC

Sec Anchor BC

A. McCartney Renfrew BC Pro. H. Balfour Giffnock BC

Sec. Renfrew BC

C. McLeod Woodlands BC Pro. H. Balfour Giffnock BC

Sec. Woodlands BC


Election of Auditors


J. Glen Meikleriggs BCStatus Quo

C. ReddyBarrhead BCStatus Quo


Secretary / Treasurers and Assistants Secretary’s Honorarium


Status Quo


Notice of Motion





3.1The rule 5(1) of the Constitution be removed and replaced with the following wording;  



5(1)      The Association shall, at the Annual General Meeting each year elect  

 a President, Vice-President, and immediate Past President, as its

 Office Bearers, and six Directors consisting of six selected from Member Clubs within Renfrewshire Bowling Association nominated in rotation. Each Director would serve three years unless a serving Director for that District takes up the position of Junior Vice President. These Directors would be responsible, in conjunction with e Office Bearers, for the running and decision making of the Association and they, in particular would have responsibility for the selection and organisation of the Renfrewshire County Teams to compete in the Scottish Cities and Counties Championship, namely, The Andrew Hamilton Trophy.





there were no objections to the Notice of Motion and the amendment was passed.


President Hugh Balfour then proposed that the Immediate Past President Edward Milloy  for the position of Honorary Past President, Robin Kyle Greenock Victoria quoted form the constitution stating that the practice of automatically appointing the Immediate Past President to the elevated position  of Honorary President was discontinued  at the 2013 AGM.

As a result of this no vote was taken  regarding the proposal and the constitution was to be reviewed to establish the correct procedure.



Secretary Alan Moran  announced that due to a clash with the Renshaw Cup the date of the County Cup would be moved to Saturday 21st June 2014.


Vote of Thanks


There being no further business, the meeting was brought to a close with a vote of thanks to the chair by Vice President Raymond Hill and his best wishes to all for a all for a safe journey home.




Proposed by:………………………Seconded by:………………………


President…………………….. Date:……………………..