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AGM Minutes 2020

Renfrewshire Bowling Association

Minutes of the 142nd Annual General Meeting

Wellmeadow Bowling Club – Wednesday 5th February 2020



Opening Remarks


President Alex Gemmell welcomed the representatives from the member clubs and thanked them and his own club Abercorn Bowling Club for allowing him the opportunity to be the President for the past year. President Alex also thanked Wellmeadow Bowling Club for hosting this evenings Annual General Meeting. He then asked those present to observe a minutes silence in memory of those who have passed away in the season.




Apologies were received from Honorary Presidents Jim Bell, Jim Pollock, John McMaster and also Titwood BC, Crofthead BC, Croftfoot BC & Kingswood BC.


Roll Call


There were 40 clubs in attendance. The requirement of 25 to form a quorum having been met.


Minutes of previous meeting


The Minutes of the AGM held in 2019 had been issued along with the Notice calling the 2020 AGM. The minutes were proposed by Archie Allan, Kilmacolm BC and seconded by Willie Gibson, Inverkip BC.


Matters arising


There were no matters arising.


Secretary’s Report


On behalf of the Renfrewshire Bowling Association it is my pleasure to present the 2019 secretary’s report.


Season 2019 began as all others before it, with the Annual General Meeting in February. Alex Gemmell of Abercorn BC was elected as the 2019 RBA President.

We welcomed three new directors onto the RBA Committee - David Healy (Anchor BC), Gary Turner (Charleston BC) & Brian Kerr (Pollokshaws BC). All committee meetings had been well attended by the Directors who also represented the Association at the Opening Days of the Member Clubs.


The unofficial start to the season was the annual indoor friendly game between Renfrewshire and Dumbartonshire, this game was played at Inverclyde Leisure Indoor Bowling Club shortly after the AGM. Can I thank everyone who took part and to ILIBC for the kind hospitality on the day.


The first official duty for the Committee was to contact the RBA South (Jim Corrigan) and West team (Eddie Milloy) managers to select the trial squads for the South and West teams to compete in the 2019 Scottish Cities and Counties competition for the Andrew Hamilton Trophy. The Team Managers were asked to put forward a list of players they would like to invite for trial, and a player nomination sheet was sent out to all clubs for their noticeboards. Like previous seasons there was an influx of U25s involved at AHT level – which is very rewarding!


Stevie Pratt of Hawkhead Bowling Club received his 200th County Cap and was presented with a crystal gift. John Fleming Jnr of Port Glasgow Bowling Club & John Adam of Elderslie Wallace Bowling Club both received their 50th caps and both players had been presented with an RBA gift.


The South team won 3 out of the 7 games finishing in 4th place in their section. The West team won 4 out of 7 games finishing also in 4th place.  


The Under 25’s had another good year on the green. However, first of all a special presentation to Honorary President Jim Bell was arranged at the U25s first league game of the season against Dumbartonshire at Caledonia BC. The current RBA directors and office-bearers along with Past Presidents attended, and this was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the U25s Inter-County League – which Jim Bell played an inaugural part in setting up. Jim came along with his daughter for the surprise presentation, which was presented by RBA U25s team captain Gerrard Delaney. To say Jim was overwhelmed by the occasion would be an understatement. He prepared himself before speaking about the U25s setup & the RBA as a whole. Jim received presentations from Caledonia BC and Dumbartonshire reps, followed by a standing ovation from everyone in the room.


The U25s were runners-up in the Scottish U25s Inter-County League Play-off final losing out to a very strong, competitive Lanarkshire U25s team. The Top 10 was held at Anchor and the team reached the final but unfortunately lost out to Glasgow. The Under25s have a lot talented youngsters within their ranks and some playing at international level which shows a lot of commitment to the sport. This can only be an incentive for others to follow in the years to come. The hard-work of David Todd, Ian Brown and others is very much appreciated.


Thanks to all the clubs who hosted County and Under25 games during the season. I am aware of the time and effort that goes into preparing for these games and I would like to thank you all for your assistance, support and hospitality.


County Cup

The County Cup is the most prestigious cup attached to the RBA. Over the past few years we have seen a major decline in entries for the County Cup. The association currently has 56 clubs affiliated to Renfrewshire Bowling Association, we had 24 clubs (not even half of the association) compete for this wonderful trophy in 2019, with a new points then shots scoring system and the winner of the 2019 County Cup -Elderslie Wallace winning with 8 points +43 shots. The association committee would like to revitalize this one-day cup competition and have been looking at different ideas. One idea is changing the date as its being currently played on Greenock Fair Saturday. The current playing format is four rinks (16 players) with each rink playing against a different opponent on a neutral venue. It’s a fantastic competition to meet new friends, compete against clubs who you may never get the opportunity of playing against and visiting clubs in other sections of the RBA. The directors are open to suggestions from the member clubs on how we rejuvenate this once great competition in our association!

The highest up County Cup rink, winning the Hall Salver, went to Caledonia B.C  


Centenary Cup

Again, a one-off cup competition played on a Friday evening, late June (1 rink, per club) we only had 24 clubs participating. The winner of the Centenary Cup 2019 was Caledonia B.C with +34 shots. If it was possible, we would like to urge more clubs from across all four sections of the RBA to get involved in the Centenary Cup.


Top Ten

The 2018 winners - Elderslie Wallace met Wellington Park in the final of the 2019 RBA Top Ten Final to contest The Mr and Mrs. J Bell Trophy at Pollokshaws BC. Elderslie Wallace retained the cup in a fantastic final and will represent Renfrewshire Bowling Association in the 2020 Scottish Inter-County Top Ten. They have been drawn against Harlaw BC of Aberdeen & Kincardine, which will take place on Sunday 24th May 2020 at Elderslie Wallace. Good Luck!


Inter County Cup

President Alex Gemmell along with Past Presidents Raymond Hill and Eddie Milloy represented the association at Lenzie Bowling Club for the annual Inter-County Cup game against Dumbartonshire. Renfrewshire was represented by Elderslie Wallace, JG Fleming, Anchor, Charleston, Giffnock and Shanks. The RBA ran out convincing winners with five wins and a draw. The Dumbartonshire secretary congratulated the RBA clubs on a fantastic display of bowling and sportsmanship. Shanks being the highest up RBA rink on the day took the trophy.


Renfrewshire Bowling Association Championship and Competition(s)

The Championship and Competition Finals are the highlight for many of our bowlers and the pinnacle of the season. May and June are busy months culminating in Finals day and this year at Abercorn Bowling Club. The Finals day was changed to July this year due to the U25s league play-off finals clashing on the same date. The U45s, Sponsored Fours and Senior Fours finals had been included in the afternoon Finals Day session due to the changes implemented that clubs can only play one player per discipline. This gives more club members the opportunity of playing in the RBA championships/competitions. We had a mixture of clubs from the four sections participating in the Finals which was good to see. There was also a larger attendance of spectators due to the eight Finals being played together as Abercorn has two greens.

Well done to all the players who played in the finals and thanks also to all of the clubs who gave up their greens and supplied us with facilities, markers and umpires throughout the season. To Abercorn Bowling Club who hosted the RBA Finals – a job well done! It was also great to see many of the associations Past Presidents in attendance at Finals Day.


A special mention to Colin Reid of Colmed who has been a fantastic supporter and sponsor of the association over the years! Thank you to our other sponsors who continue to annually support the RBA.


Lastly, thanks to Bob Morrow and all the umpires, who give up their time to carry out these duties for the association – it’s very much appreciated!



SINGLES (Sir Hugh Shaw Stewart Trophy)

Winner - Michael Stevenson Jr (Gourock Park)

Runner up – David Fisher (Anchor BC)


Winner – Ross McGuire (Pollokshaws BC)

Runner up – Stephen Lowrie Jnr (Anchor BC)

PAIRS (Daily Record Trophy)

Winners – Thornliebank BC

Runners up – Renfrew BC

TRIPLES (Dr. D. Turner Trophy)

Winners – Charleston BC

Runners up – Eaglesham BC

FOURS (Paisley & Renfrew Gaz Trophy)

Winners – Wellington Park

Runners up – Linwood BC


SENIOR FOURS (Mr. J. Millen Trophy)

Winners – Gourock BC

Runners up – Fairfield BC


SPONSORED FOURS (Brown & W. Cope Trophy)

Winners – Caledonia BC

Runners up – Rankin Park

UNDER 45’s (Mr. A. Cann Trophy)

Winners – Priorscroft BC

Runner up – Port Glasgow


Following the presentation of prizes there was special presentations to be made. Past Association Secretary Alan Moran received an Honorary Membership of Renfrewshire Bowling Association for all his hard-work and efforts. Hugh Balfour (Past President, Treasurer and Secretary), Raymond Hill (Past President), Ian Brown (Past President & U25s Treasurer) & Peter Guthrie (Past President) were all honoured with Honorary Presidents statures for their dedication and commitment to the Renfrewshire Bowling Association.


Scottish Civil Service Game

This year the SCS hosted the game at Dumbarton Bowling Club. There was an unprecedented 7 rinks (28 players) required. It was a good day at Dumbarton BC and everyone who took part enjoyed the outing. Can I personally thank everyone who represented the RBA (winning 102-88)


2020 Club/Association Anniversaries

Giffnock Bowling Club & Renshaw BA will both celebrate 125th anniversaries.


Lastly, I would like to thank Past President Peter Guthrie for all his help assisting with the draws for the championships, competitions & cups throughout the season and his continued work with the RBA website which is a great way of communicating the results and headlining updates during the bowling season.

My sincere thanks to President Alex & the Directors/Committee for all your help at the county games and Finals. Your assistance and support throughout my first year as association secretary as well as bowling secretary has been second to none.


Stephen McLellan

Association/Bowling Secretary


Finance Report


Treasurer - Jim Foster

Chair, Directors, Club Representatives

I am pleased to present the accounts for the Association for year ended 2019.

The accounts were circulated by email and while the figures for 2019 are correct, there was a flaw in the spread sheet where the Variance figures between 2018 and 2019 were incorrect.

A new set of the audited accounts has been circulated tonight with the variance figures removed.

In 2019 the overall income amounted to £12,893 and the expenditure totalled £12,634 leaving a small surplus of £259 for the year.

On page 2 the Assets of the Association at 30th November 2019 were £6762.24.


I would like to thank Jim Glen and Colin Reddy for their work in auditing these accounts so they could be presented to this meeting.


I would now invite any questions and ask the Members present to approve the accounts. No questions raised.


Proposer: Frank Wilson, Grosvenor BC

Seconder: David Palmer, Wellington Park


Auditors Report


We have examined the account (income and expenditure) for 2019 and confirm these are in order and reflective of the association finances.


Two items of expenditure were not verifiable (1) u25’s (2) county games meals.


The following comments were passed back to the association:


1. The association should satisfy its self regarding the use of monies by the u-25s


2. On Andrew Hamilton match days, directors should take greater responsibility for the accurate completion of financial records and timely pass back to the association treasurer.


Lastly, Jim Glen thanked Treasurer Jim for his work in preparing the accounts and balance sheet.


Annual Subscription Rates 2020




We are grateful to Colin from “Colmed” for his continued sponsorship of the RBA.

In a discussion with him at this year’s Finals Day it transpired we are likely to lose the "colmed" £500 sponsorship, this year or next year.

It would therefore be prudent to plan for this eventuality and maintain a break even Income and Expenditure each year.

Since it is unlikely the Expenditure will reduce we have to maintain our Income at the current level.

There were 360 £8 entries last year, to replace the £500 sponsorship the proposal is a £2 increase from season 2021 from £8 to £10 for championship/competition entry fees.

I would expect that it is likely a few clubs may close and there may be a few less entries, this increase would provide about £600 to £650 extra income each year.

With this increase, we would not expect an increase in entry fees for the next 3/4 years, unless there is a substantial change in the Finances.


I would invite the members to approve this proposal.


Proposer: Fairfield Bowling Club

Seconder: Gourock Park BC


Election of Office Bearers


President Alex Gemmell presented immediate past President Jim McElwee of Rankin Park with his Honorary Presidents badge, rewarding Jim for his dedication and commitment to the association over the years.


Before demitting office President Alex Gemmell thanked all the clubs he had visited, including those who hosted RBA County, Championship/Competitions and Under 25 games, during his year as President. Alex thanked them for the warm welcome, generous hospitality and friendship he received. He really appreciated all the support and encouragement from the committee and past presidents of the association. Alex thanked his own club, Abercorn BC, and the members for their support throughout his tenure and also for a very successful RBA Finals Day.

Finally, wished incoming President Stephen Lowrie all the very best for 2020/21.


President – Stephen Lowrie. Pollokshaws BC

Proposer: Alex Gemmell, Abercorn BC

Seconder: Alex Campbell, Pollokshaws BC


President Stephen said it was a privilege for him to be elected as RBA President and that he looked forward to the new season. He thanked Pollokshaws BC members for allowing him the opportunity of representing Pollokshaws BC on the RBA committee as a director and that he will do his best in the year ahead.

Stephen presented Alex Gemmell with his Past Presidents medal.


Vice President – David Todd, Anchor BC

Pro. Stephen Lowrie, President

Sec. Anchor BC


Junior Vice President – John Freeburn, Grosvenor BC

Pro. Stephen Lowrie, President

Sec. Grosvenor BC


Secretary/Bowls Secretary – Stephen McLellan, Wellington Park

Pro. Stephen Lowrie, President

Sec. David Palmer, Wellington Park


Treasurer – Jim Foster, Gourock Park

Pro. Stephen Lowrie, President

Sec. Gourock Park


Election of Directors


Standing Directors-


Gary Turner, Charleston

David Healy, Anchor

Brian Kerr, Pollokshaws

Douglas Brown, Gourock Park

David Walker, Neilston


New Director – Mark McKechnie, Greenock Victoria

Pro. Stephen Lowrie, President

Sec. Greenock Victoria


Election of Auditors


Jim Glen & Colin Reddy

Pro. Stephen Lowrie, President

Sec. Alex Gemmell, Abercorn BC


Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Secretaries Honorarium


Status Quo


Notice of Motion






A question from Ian Brown regarding the move of the Under 45s and Sponsored Fours to the Tuesday, Friday, depending on district from Saturday morning was answered by Stephen McLellan. Stephen advised that the Under 45s and Sponsored Fours Competitions will remain on the same evenings as the Championship games. Ian also asked if the RBA County Cup was remaining as 16 players and if the date was being changed. Stephen advised Ian that the current format of 4 rinks would remain for this season but the date has been moved a week earlier (27th June) to accommodate the G&D clubs (Fair Saturday). Gary Davis of Lochwinnoch asked when clubs started being charged for the RBA County Cup as he thought this was free in previous years. Stephen McLellan said in the 3 years he has been involved with the association a charge has always been in place for everything you enter. Past President Sandy Reddy confirmed this was the case as far as he could remember.


There was no other questions raised.


Vote of Thanks


Vice President David Todd wished RBA President Stephen Lowrie all the very best for the coming year, he also thanked club reps, past presidents and directors for attending the meeting. He also thanked everyone who has supported the U25s over the past year and that they continue to do so. David also congratulated Treasurer Jim Foster for his work with the accounts and to Secretary Stephen McLellan for all the hard-work he puts in all year round. Lastly, David thanked Wellmeadow Bowling Club for hosting tonight’s meeting and wished everyone a safe journey home.


President Stephen handed the facilities back to Wellmeadow BC.


The meeting closed at 19.22pm