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AGM Minutes 2021

Renfrewshire Bowling Association

Minute of the 143rd. Annual General Meeting

Held using Zoom technology on Wed. 3rd.February 2021


Opening remarks.


The meeting was opened by President Stephen Lowrie, who thanked the Club representatives

for taking the time to turn up for this different AGM. He also thanked Treasurer Jim Foster for

organising the event. He then called for a Minutes Silence in memory of all Club Members and

friends who had passed away. He paid particular note to Association Past Presidents Robin Kyle

of Greenock Victoria BC and John Nesbitt of Pollokshaws BC.

President Lowrie then handed the meeting over to the Acting Secretary John Freeburn.




There were no apologies, basically due to the system being used needing verification of contact

being made. Hopefully this will get cleared up in future.


Roll Call.


Of the 55 Clubs in the Association, 37 were in attendance.The requirement of 25 to form a

a quorum being met.




The minutes of the 2020 AGM had been ciculated along with the invitation to the 2021 AGM.

They were taken as read and passed on a motion.

Proposed by :-Douglas Brown (Gourock Park BC)

Seconded by :-Gary Turner (Charleston BC)


Matters arising.


There were no matters arising.


Secretary's report.


Acting Secretary John Freeburn, reported on the situation involving the Office of Secretary.

He carried on by informing the meeting that the season past had been annoying for everyone

and couldn't promise that the one to come was going to be any different. However, it was in

the Committee's hands to try and get something off the ground for this coming season.

Obviously, Government and Bowls Scotland will have the final say on what, when and where

we will be allowed to Bowl. However, it is in our interests to make an attempt at getting some

form of competiton up and running at the tail end of the season  - only time will tell.

He informed the meeting that we had played against Dunbarton BA in a friendly at West of

Scotland IBC and managed to win. Unfortunately there has been no bowling since.

He reported that the Under 25 team hadn't faired any better, but were still being looked after

by Davy Todd and Ian Brown along with David Healy and some former players. We had taken

on a new Office-bearer in the shape of Mr.Grant Craig of Kilmacolm BC. His office will be that

of Wellbeing Officer, which was better known before as Child Protection Officer. Grant will

deal with the Under 25's and advise on their behalf. He will be welcome at our meetings but

will not be entitled to vote on any issues, shoud they arise.


Treasurers report.


Treasurer Jim Foster's report had been sent out along with all other paperwork and he asked

if anyone required an explanation of his report. There were no questions asked and therefore

it was accepted on a motion :-

Proposed by :-Gary Turner (Charleston BC)

Seconded by :-Ian Brown (Gourock Park BC)


Auditors report.


Auditor Jim Glen (Meikleriggs BC) reported that he had inspected the Balance sheet supplied

by Jim Foster and found them to be in order.

Treasurer Foster thanked Jim Glenn for making himself available and to Colin Reddy for the

same. Unfortunately, he could not be used due to the Covid-19 restrictions.


Election of Auditors.Status Quo


Election of 2021 Office Bearers.


PresidentStephen LowriePollokshaws BCStanding

Vice PresidentDavy ToddAnchor BCStanding

Junior Vice PresidentJohn FreeburnGrosvenor BCStanding

SecretaryJohn FreeburnGrosvenor BCS.LowrieJ.McElwee

TreasurerJim FosterGourock Park BCStanding

DirectorGary TurnerCharleston BCStanding

DirectorDavid HealyAnchor BCStanding

DirectorDouglas BrownGourock Park BCStanding

DirectorBrian KerrPollokshaws BCStanding

DirectorMark McKechnieVictoria BC (Grnk)Standing

DirectorDavid WalkerRetiredVacant


Notices of Motion.


The Secretary explained that because the season had not happened, there wasn't really any

requirement to make changes. However, the Constitution needs updated and will be looked

at during the coming months. If any changes are to be made, they will be proposed for next





The Secretary opened the floor to Any Other Competent Business.

i) He stated that he had been contacted by Lady Alice BC and asked that the Semi-Final of the

Championships due to be played on Friday 18th.June is on the same night as a Scotland versus

England football match and would it be possible to postpone it for a week, so that the match

could be watched.

ii) He highlighted the fact that the Constitution will be looked at, for minuting purposes.

iii) Arthurlie BC have intimated that they will not be continuing with their membership of the

Association, due to the insecurity of their membership.

iv) Kilbarchan BC asked that the Committee try as hard as they can to get some form of games

played this year, they appreciate that it will not be easy.

There being no further business, the Secretary handed the meeting back to President Lowrie.


Vote of Thanks.


President Lowrie asked VP Davy Todd to give the vote of thanks.

VP Davy Todd thanked to delegates for their attendance and attention and hoped that they

would feel it had been worthwhile. He thanked Treasurer Jim Foster for organising the event

and Secretary Freeburn for ensuring that everyone had been contacted.

He finished off by wishing everyone good health and stay safe.




President Lowrie thanked everyone for their attendance and hoped to see them at Pollokshaws

at some time this year.