Monthly Newsletter - August 2021

The Future of our Association!!!


Hello fellow members,


The past couple of years have proved one thing, if nothing else – we are resilient.


The Pandemic has knocked us off balance, but not down. We should be thankful for that.

It is my intention to ask for a meeting, or maybe 3 meetings (GBA, P&D and G&D areas, of Club representatives in late November. There’s enough going on in December without getting involved in meetings.

The purpose of these meetings is to get ready for next year and hopefully, the years to follow.

2020 and 2021, saw us restricted in what we, as an Association, could organise and ask member clubs to participate in. Travel restrictions and Social distancing rules, not only made it uncomfortable for some people, but certainly put a damper on the enjoyment part of the game we like to play.


This year proved that we can get things done, but we have to “fine tune” some of it.

Communication is the key. We have to get information from the Clubs to the Association as soon as we can. To do this, we have to ensure that everybody who is responsible for getting that information to the Association, is known, by :-

Name                            John Freeburn

Address                        90 Pennyfern Road, Greenock, PA169HE

Home tel.nr.                01475-798135

Mob.nr.                        07961057533

Email address             [email protected]

Club email address    N/A

Club web-site              www.bowlsrenfrewshire.co.uk    (worth a visit, by the way)

Club position held      Association Secretary


I am sending this out, basically because, I am not going to think of everything and need your help. It is your Association, I only try and ensure that it runs well.

The AGM will fall in February and I would like to think that we can have any changes that you feel may benefit the Association in place for voting on. Obviously, there is a possibility that “Notices of Motion” may have to be used, but that isn’t a problem. Doing the right thing and moving forward is what is important.

I will send out a blank application form for you to look at and possibly ask for alterations. Along with this will be the Calendar that we have followed for years – you may want changes, I don’t know. Just remember, we do not have control over every Competition that we are involved in – Andrew Hamilton Trophy and Inter County Top Ten, for example.


I think that the fee structure is outdated and would like to make it more feasible.

I will send out a set of the Rules that we operate under. They may need “tweaking”, but we need Rules that are sensible and allow us to operate properly.

There are bound to be other topics / subjects, that I haven’t thought of – let me know.

We have got to take this unfortunate situation as a means of making changes – if required.

We have an excellent web-site www.bowlsrenfrewshire.co.uk it’s well worth a visit. I am thinking about a Facebook page, but need help in setting it up.

I look forward to seeing you at Pollokshaws BC.